Theresa May Personally Insisted That The Words “Ending Of Free Movement Of People” Be Added To The First Page Of Her Brexit Deal

Theresa May personally insisted that the words “ending of free movement of people” be added to the first page of the political declaration, the non-legally-binding part of the Brexit deal that sets out the framework for the future UK-EU relationship, BuzzFeed News has reported. Responding, Best for Britain champion David Lammy MP:

"Free movement has been a force for good in this country. 

"European migrants have made a vast contribution to our economy, culture and changed Britain for the better.  

"Free movement has also allowed British citizens the right to live, love and work freely across 27 other European countries. It is deeply disheartening to see Theresa May’s obsession with ending it at all costs."


Notes to editors
 - If you use the quote please mention David is a Best for Britain of champion

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