Prime Minister accused of trivialising chronically ill in speech criticising “sick note culture”

The Prime Minister has been accused of giving up on tackling the huge challenges facing the NHS and trivialising people with chronic conditions following remarks he made this morning.

In a speech today, the Prime Minister vowed to end the UK’s “sick note culture”, warning against “over-medicalising the everyday challenges and worries of life”. 

Cal Roscow, Director of Campaigns at Best for Britain said,

“A result of pandemic mismanagement, chronically underfunded mental health services and record long NHS waiting lists, the fact that so many people are suffering from conditions that prevent them from working is a crisis of this Government’s own creation.”

“Presented as reform, in reality this is a tacit admission that the Government has given up delivering a healthy country and economy, and has instead resorted to blaming the chronically ill and trivialising their conditions. We need a Government that cares, we need a General Election now.”

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