Government's publicity blitz uses catastrophe to distract from Brexit deal flaws

The government is to start a "health and travel publicity blitz" on radio and social media channels next week according to Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay, as the government begins to prepare the public for the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. 

The move follows an extensive period of spending by the government to promote the Brexit deal on social media, which cost the taxpayer the tune of more than £100,000 in the weeks leading up to the cancelled vote. 

Commenting, Best for Britain champion Virendra Sharma MP said: 

"The government has already spent hundreds of thousands pushing its Brexit agenda on social media. Now it wants to spend more taxpayer's money distracting from the gaping flaws in its own deal by warning of a no deal catastrophe.

"It's a bleak start to 2019, but there's still time to brighten up the new year by giving the public the final say over Brexit, with the option to stay and strengthen ourselves within Europe."


Notes to Editors:

If you use this quote, please mention Virendra is a Best for Britain champion