Red tape hell for UK drivers

In the event of a no deal Brexit, UK drivers would need two separate International Driving Licenses (IPDs).

These permits will also only be issued by the Post Office and - with a National Audit Office report in July reporting that Post Offices may be issuing anywhere between 100,000 and 7 million IDPs in the first year should no deal be agreed with the EU - doubts have been raised over the institution's capacity to complete the job.

Commenting, Best for Britain champion Virendra Sharma MP said: 

"It's official: Brexit is driving the UK round the bend.

"British drivers will now have to get driving licenses for multiple countries if they want to drive down to Spain. And that's if they're lucky and can get one!

"It's just another cost and more bureaucracy Brits will have to go through. This wasn't what Brexit was supposed to be - we need a people's vote with the option to stay."


Notes to Editors:

If you use this quote, please mention Virendra is a Best for Britain champion.