NEW REPORT: ‘Keep your promise, Boris,’ say Red Wall voters: No Deal ‘Likely to plunge battleground seats into economic and political crises’

‘Red Wall’ constituencies which helped deliver Boris Johnson’s election victory by flipping from Labour to Conservative face serious economic and political consequences if the PM fails to deliver his promised European trade deal, according to Best for Britain's new research.

A new Best for Britain report assessing the views of those who switched from Labour to the Conservatives concludes that, not only are Red Wall areas particularly vulnerable to the double economic shock of a No-Deal Brexit on top of a Corona recession, but that voters of all persuasions in the Red Wall overwhelmingly want a deal to be struck with the EU.

Up to 90 per cent of voters in Red Wall seats believe it is important or very important that the Government sticks to its manifesto pledge and delivers a ‘great new deal’ for Britain with the EU.

View and download the new report here.

  • 90% of Red Wall voters want Johnson to deliver on his promise of a ‘Great new deal’ with the EU, says new report

  • No-Deal Brexit likely to be felt most acutely in Red Wall constituencies both economically and politically

  • Most voters expect basic living costs to rise if a robust deal is not struck

  • Majority of all voters prioritise working with EU rather than US

The report also finds widespread worry that the cost of living is going to be driven up if Britain leaves the EU without a good trade deal, even among Conservative voters. More than two-thirds of Red Wall voters anticipate that the price of ‘daily essentials’ will rise under a No-Deal Brexit.

These pressures will be in addition to the economic and social stresses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

New evidence suggests poorer households will bear the brunt of the economic fallout from coronavirus, and the double impact of a No-Deal Brexit and Covid-19 is likely to be too much for some individuals – and businesses too.

Read the report in full here.