Exciting research from Best for Britain shows our fight is far from over

The team here at Best for Britain have joined forces with campaign group Hope Not Hate to produce the first full analysis of changing attitudes on Brexit at a constituency-by-constituency level in the UK. 

Our exciting new research, first revealed exclusively in The Observer this Sunday, shows that a majority of UK constituencies would now vote to stay in the EU. This monumental shift in public opinion is evidence that politicians won’t be able to ignore as we enter the most crucial stage of our campaign for the people to have the final say on the Brexit deal with the option to remain.

Our key findings include

  • A huge shift in number of constituencies that are majority remain, with 112 switching from leave to remain
  • The analysis shows there are now 341 seats in England, Scotland and Wales with majority support to remain in the EU and only 291 with a leave majority.
  • Nearly half of English constituencies would now vote remain, with 97 switching. 257 of 533 English constituencies would now vote to stay.
  • All Scottish constituencies would switch to backing a vote to stay and 25 of 40 in Wales – an increase of 14.
  • Shift is happening mainly because 2017 Labour Leave voters moving to Remain, particularly in the North of England and Wales
  • Brexit backers Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg would all see their constituencies swing to remain

Click here to see our interactive map, where you can see the picture in your local area.

This analysis is a key tool in our fight for the people to have the final say on the terms of Brexit, with the options to stay in the EU.

People across the UK have witnessed the last two years of uncertainty with dismay and are thinking differently. Now the numbers are starting to prove it.

This is great news for our campaign and hopeful news for our country.


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