Rwanda bill must be abandoned not amended

Today the Government's Rwanda Safety Bill undergoes a second set of amendment votes to end the report stage in the House of Lords.  

On Monday the House of Lords inflicted several defeats on Sunak's flagship policy over complying with international law and guarantees that Rwanda is safe. A second set of amendment votes will take place this evening with more defeats expected for the Government. 

Amendments set in motion a parliamentary ping-pong where the bill goes back and forth between the upper and lower chambers until an agreement is reached. 

Best for Britain has long been campaigning the Government to abandon the cruel and unworkable legislation and instead reestablish safe routes for refugees and asylum seekers.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,

“This Bill is not only inhumane but incompatible with the interests of the UK both abroad and at home, undermining the Good Friday Agreement and the UK’s reputation as a compassionate country. 

“In an increasingly fraught and isolationist world, it is more important than ever for the Government to uphold international obligations. The Safety of Rwanda Bill should not simply be amended, but abandoned.“

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