RECESS CANCELLED: Ski trip organisers expect big losses

Responding to the news that the Government are cancelling Parliamentary recess, with reports MPs will only be on a one-line whip, Best for Britain supporter Ian Murray MP said:

"Valentine’s Day is not the best day to break up, but it looks as though it may be the day the Prime Minister again loses her party's support for her deal that she can’t renegotiate. 

"The cancelling of February recess is the right thing to do but it must be done for a purpose. There's supposedly masses of legislation needed before the end of March, but it seems the government isn't even trying to do the important stuff in that week. It looks like a slimy PR move.

"Jeremy Hunt has said Article 50 might need to be extended. Government ministers had a chance to do just that through Yvette Cooper's amendment on Tuesday and rejected it. It's time these people started thinking about the national interest, not just narrow party interests."