Sunak must restore opportunities for young Brits as EU calls for EU-UK youth mobility scheme

The European Commission has proposed to open negotiations on a reciprocal youth mobility scheme between the EU and the UK

If the European Council accepts the proposal, then the Commission will be empowered to launch formal negotiations with the UK. 

Best for Britain advocates for a reciprocal UK-EU Youth Mobility Scheme and for UK participation in the Erasmus programme as two of the 114 recommendations made by the UK Trade and Business Commission in May 2023.

Best for Britain’s 2023 polling of more than 10,000 voters shows 68% of the electorate think the UK Government should negotiate a reciprocal youth mobility scheme with the EU. And 61% support the UK being in Erasmus. 

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said, 

This landmark intervention is a welcome acknowledgement of the immense impact that Brexit has had not only on young Brits but young Europeans as well. The UK Government must now respond in kind.

“Until a reciprocal EU-UK Youth Mobility Scheme is formalised, our young people will continue to be robbed of the irreplaceable formative experiences their parents and older siblings enjoyed, because of a failed Brexit project they did not vote for.“

Charles Owen, Managing Director of Seasonal Business in Travel said, 

“A reciprocal youth mobility scheme is a win-win for both Europe and the UK, and in particular for struggling businesses suffering from chronic labour shortages, made worse by Brexit.

“Momentum is building to get this deal done and we implore the Prime Minister to talk to Industry and prepare for the upcoming negotiations appropriately. This is a serious economic and cultural opportunity for all.”