The Election has started...

Labour's monumental wins in the two by-elections held last night have rightly energised those who believe that a change at the top is critical to the future of our country next General Election.


But the Labour party will be under no illusion that replicating the huge efforts needed to swing these seats across hundreds of target constituencies next year will be easy.

That's why we've already started updating our powerful tactical voting platform GetVoting to help voters make informed decisions on who is best placed to win in their seats, and how they can use their vote most effectively to bring the change the country desperately needs.

BUT, and it's a big but, although the results from both Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire highlight both the huge demand for change in this country it also shows the fragility of our electoral system - had Reform stood aside in both seats (like they did in 2019) with their votes going to the Tories, then this morning's headlines would be very different.

It's for this reason that voters can't blindly trust a broken electoral system to give them the government they need next year. Best for Britain conducted the first ever nation-wide polling using the new constituency boundaries that will be in place, and using data like this we'll be able to help voters ensure their votes go to candidates best placed to bring change to the country.

What's worse, Nigel Farage now holds all the cards. And the last thing that the country needs is for the Conservative party to lurch even further to the right.

Let's look at those results in greater detail. Here are the results from both by-elections:

Tamworth & Mid Bedfordshire by-election results by political party


Tamworth & Mid Bedfordshire by-election results with Reform UK and Conservative vote share combined.


If you don't think that this sounds likely, just remember that Farage promised he wouldn't stand down candidates at the last two elections, but in the final weeks did exactly that.

And this time, he's even joking about becoming the next Tory leader by 2026!

So with your generous support we will make sure millions see GetVoting and its gold-standard MRP polling that helps voters choose the best placed candidate to topple Farage and Sunak.

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