UK Government suggests Biden misunderstands Brexit proposals

The UK Government has suggested US presidential candidate Joe Biden did not understand the controversial Internal Market Bill when he said the US would block any trade deal with the UK that threatened the Good Friday Agreement.

A No 10 spokesperson said the UK would "continue to engage with our US partners on a bipartisan basis to ensure our positions are understood." Downing Street's full response to Joe Biden is here.

Commenting, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said:

"The inevitable consequence of threatening to break international law is that your international partners think you're untrustworthy.

"This is an immediate consequence of government policy and it looks to have cost us a trade deal with the US on this occasion. Both Republicans and Democrats have said they will block one if the Good Friday Agreement is threatened.

"The UK Government can continue to stick its fingers in its ears over the ill-advised Internal Market Bill, but sooner or later the consequences of acting like a rogue state will come back to haunt us."

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