Brexit is a Threat to Women's Rights

The principle of equality between men and women is enshrined in EU law and derives its effect in UK law because of our membership of the EU.


Brexit will mean that these laws no longer apply in the UK.

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In this report, Best for Britain has explored the impact of Brexit on human rights, workers’ rights and consumer rights as they relate to women. We have looked at the impact on women in healthcare, as well as the rights of women of colour and of women with a disability

The report reveals that in every single area of women’s lives, Brexit will remove existing avenues of protection, impact women harder and leave women in the UK more vulnerable to abuse.  

From international issues, such as human trafficking, to equal pay and treatment at work, women and girls rely on EU laws for protection.

The EU has made huge progress over the past 45 years in protecting rights both for women now and in the future. The government has a duty to ensure we do not turn back the clock on this critical issue.

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