2016 EU vote cost £130m but small change compared to cost of Brexit

The cost of staging the 2016 referendum that triggered Britain’s impending exit from the European Union was almost £130 million, the UK’s electoral regulator said on Friday, amidst calls from Best for Britain for a people's vote.

"£130million may sound a lot, but it's small change compared to the devastating economic cost of Brexit.

"Brexit is already costing the British economy £500million a week, and we haven't even left yet. The impact of that is job losses, struggling businesses and less money for public services.

"The only way to avoid even steeper costs to our economy is to hold a People's Vote with the option of remaining in the EU with our current deal."


Notes to editors
 - If you use the quote please mention Ian is a Best for Britain champion

The information about about the 2016 vote, released today by the Electoral Commission can be found here: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/journalist/electoral-commission-media-centre/referendums-to-keep/cost-of-delivering-2016-eu-referendum-published/

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