A look back on what we've achieved

This was a year like no other.

This is our story of the year through the challenges, the teamwork and the achievements of Best for Britain and our supporters. Read the full review of our 2020 below.


It started with a bang – or a whimper, depending on your viewpoint – as the impact of the December General Election began to make itself felt.

That Brexit-Covid combination could have proved catastrophic for us but, as you’ll see in the pages of our review, the team rose to the multiple challenges, refocused and delivered a remarkable year.

What we did...

  • Increased social media audiences - by December we reached 6.8 million people a week.
  • More than 8 published reports, providing analysis and thought leadership on a range of key issues.
  • Our full team working from home since March.
  • Appointed secretariat of the Gaps in Support APPG, seeking solutions for the millions denied government Coronavirus support.
  • More than 120,000 messages sent to politicians by our supporters.

What we achieved...

  • We engaged hundreds of thousands of people in our campaigns - even though it had to be digital this year.
  • We built relationships with politicians from across the political spectrum and briefed them on our work.
  • Our Affordable Food Deal campaign helped secure real concessions from the government on food standards.
  • We provided effective scrutiny of the government's Brexit plans and negotiations, despite the pandemic.
  • We introduced and highlighted the idea of a Brexit + Covid 'double whammy', focusing press and politicians minds on the outcome of negotiations.

As 2020 draws to a close, the whole Best for Britain team wishes to say THANK YOU to all those who have supported our campaigns, worked with our team and helped us achieve all that we have this year.

Our work continues. A trade deal with the EU is not the end of the story. Best for Britain will continue to champion internationalist policies, open and inclusive values and we'll always scrutinise and hold our leaders to account.

Thank you for being with us.

Take a look at the full review of 2020 here