Help Best for Britain deliver a knock out blow at this election

Best for Britain has officially launched our General Election Crowdfunder giving you a way to help us deliver the heaviest defeat possible for the Government and keep the Tories out of power for a generation.

We know the Government is trailing in the polls but we also know that the challenges facing this country will likely take more than one parliamentary term to fix. We need to deliver the heaviest defeat possible to the Government to make sure they are not in a position to retake power in five years time.

Best for Britain have been planning for this election for months, building the most powerful tactical voting platform and people can keep up to date with the latest from Best for Britain by subscribing to Tactical Voting alerts.

By voting tactically, we can keep them out for a generation and remove the very worst of this current government's MPs. But it's only with the support of ordinary people can we can reach people in marginal constituencies and make this happen. 

That's why Best for Britain has launched our General Election Crowdfunder to raise £125,000 to reach people in key constituencies.

By donating to our general crowdfunder, you are helping us make video content, fund billboards across the country, or take to millions through digital ads, put together by our expert elections team.

As millions of people across Britain struggle to get doctor appointments, be seen in hospital, feed themselves or their families, they simply can't wait another five years - so it's vital that we get it right at this election.

It's on. 4th July.
We're ready. Are you?