“Fiscally inept and morally bankrupt”: Government wastes almost £100bn

The UK Government is reported to have wastefully spent or dubiously allocated an estimated £99,418,907,782 of tax-payers’ money since 2019.

This eye-watering figure, totalled up in Best for Britain’s Scandalous Spending Tracker, is almost 100 times what’s needed to end industrial action from junior doctors and almost equal to the total amount the government spent on education last year.

The total includes £140m sunk on the Rwanda Deal, which was this week ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court. As well as £2.3bn spent on cancelled parts of HS2, and £50m spent on a new helicopter for top Tories.

The new figures come to light as the Chancellor prepares to unveil his Autumn Statement amid an ongoing cost-of-living crisis when 1 in 3 children are living in poverty in the UK. Lack of investment in public services has also led to school closures and record NHS waiting times.

As Chancellor and  then Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak has had responsibility for government spending for almost all of this period.

Campaigners  claim the figures demonstrate the urgent need for an immediate general election. 

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain, said: 

“The notion that the Tories are safe with money has been blown out of the water. It’s disgraceful that the government continues to squander huge amounts of public money whilst so many struggle to feed their families and heat their homes. 

We can’t wait any longer for change. This fiscally inept, and morally bankrupt government must go and that’s why at the next election, Best for Britain will organise the most powerful tactical voting operation the nation has ever seen.”

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