Opposition mustn't help deliver PM's discredited agreement

The Prime Minister gave a statement after seven hours of Cabinet meeting today. She announced that she was ready to talk with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party about next steps on Brexit.

Best for Britain supporter Alex Sobel MP (Labour) said:

“The Prime Minister is calling for unity but the course she has pursued over the past two and a half years has delivered anything but. The fact she is completely changing tack on her Brexit strategy days after we were meant to have left shows what a quagmire this process has been. It has left parliament paralysed, unable to tackle any of the other issues facing our country. 

“The PM wants the opposition to work with her to deliver her discredited Withdrawal Agreement. But this would be a leap in the dark when we know the crucial negotiations on our future relationship would end up in the hands of a future Tory leader who won’t be bound by her promises. 

“We cannot be bounced into any sort of botched Brexit in fear of investing a bit more time in really getting this right. A bad Brexit could destroy British industries and our hard won workers' rights.

"Our government must not be afraid of the public having their say, and that’s why whatever form of Brexit can be agreed by Parliament must now go back to the people for their sign off.”