Another vote on PMs deal next week would make a mockery of democratic process

It has been reported that the Prime Minister may bring the Withdrawal Agreement Bill forward for yet another vote in Parliament next week. It's already been defeated three times...

Commenting, Best for Britain supporter and Labour MP David Lammy said:

“Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement has been resoundingly rejected by MPs three times. Asking the same question yet again next week would make a mockery of our democratic process. 

"If the Prime Minister wants to avoid the humiliation of another failed attempt at ramming her deal through Parliament, she should amend it to give the people the final say on Brexit so that they can decide whether to back it or stop this whole process and keep our current EU deal.

"We shouldn’t be fearful of any sort of democratic process or event, and there is certainly no way in which a trip to the ballot box for the European Elections should be a reason to force through a harmful blind Brexit deal.”