Ant and Dec pledge 'no more politicians' after Best for Britain campaign

Ant and Dec have backed calls for next year's I'm a Celeb to be free of populist politicians following successful Best for Britain campaign.

The pair were responding to a massive public backlash after Nigel Farage pocketed £1.5 million for appearing on the show, providing a platform for his nativist views which campaigners have said are "bad for the country".

Over 5,000 Best for Britain supporters wrote to them directly to register their opposition to the booking which saw the popular show lose millions of views compared to last year's edition

On Instagram Live over the weekend, Ant and Dec said, "I think we do a year without any politicians" .... "Agreed, agreed, agreed".

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,

"It's now clear that Farage is not box office and that millions of people agree that nativist populists should not be given a platform on prime time TV.

"We hope that all broadcasters will listen to Ant and Dec and learn that spreading Farage's toxic views, particularly where they will not be challenged, is both bad for the country and bad for ratings."