Brexit deal agreed "spectacularly worse than what we already have"

Reacting to the news that a Brexit deal has been agreed, Best for Britain chief executive Naomi Smith said:

“This low level deal has all the hallmarks of a failed negotiation.

“The deal is spectacularly worse than what we already have as part of the EU, and even makes Theresa May’s fudged attempt look masterful.

“It’s simply not fair to take hundreds of pounds away from families each month.

“And it was not long ago that Boris Johnson thought a border in the Irish Sea would be a betrayal.

“MPs must be given reasonable time to look over this and scrutinise it.

“It must then be put to the people for the final say. They’ve had no part in negotiating this wretched deal, and it would be unacceptable to force it on the country without their consent.”