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Britain needs a government that is honest about immigration

The Conservative Party has pledged to introduce an annual cap on migration if they win the Election.

As part of the new policy, the Government would set out a new cap on immigration every year with the number lowered each year for five years. The Home Secretary has been out on the airwaves this morning to sell the policy, but has not put a number on the cap. 

The policy announcement comes months after the Home Office enforced restrictive new rules to limit migration, which included the banning of foreign carers form bringing their loved ones to the UK, as well as hiking the minimum salary needed for skilled overseas workers to apply for UK work visas.

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain and founder of tactical voting website, GetVoting.org said,

With UK universities on the verge of bankruptcy, and our public services facing acute skills and labour shortages, this is a cheap attempt to stoke nativism for short term electoral gain that will cost us all in the long run.

“We need a government that is honest with the public about the benefits of immigration, and that is why we will be giving voters the information they need at GetVoting.org to give this Government the boot on 4 July.”

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