Government wasting time on Brexit preparations - 26 unanswered questions from British Chambers of Commerce

The Government is being warned it must urgently ramp up engagement with business amid a series of “unanswered questions” over Brexit.

The British Chambers of Commerce says there are 26 key questions unanswered. They say "The lack of information for firms is compounded by new BCC research released today, which found that just 38% of firms had completed a Brexit risk assessment this year, compared to 57% in 2019 and 35% in 2018."

British Chambers of Commerce Director General Adam Marshall said: “The ‘Check, Change, Go’ campaign gives the impression that Brexit-related changes are like getting an MOT – whereas the reality is that for many businesses, they’re more akin to planning a moon landing. Businesses need honest communication about the complexity of the changes they face – and stronger encouragement to act.”

Commenting, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said:

"The Government’s own prevarication over Brexit preparations is now an acute problem. Just this week the chief executive at the port of Dover said they were deeply concerned that the Government's funding system is still not up and running, and now the British Chambers of Commerce once again has to raise the alarm.

"The Government says it wants businesses to prepare themselves, while failing to articulate the trading terms they are expected to prepare for. Even worse, it is desperately looking for ways to paper over the cracks of its failings and has earmarked a Covid testing centre to make room for a giant lorry park.

"This posturing and apportioning of blame and responsibility to others must end. The UK Government needs to stop wasting time and deliver the comprehensive deal it promised.”

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