Clive Lewis MP: "Labour now offering real and unambiguous opposition to Tory Brexit"

The Labour leadership have announced they will this week put forward or support an amendment in favour of a public vote.

Best for Britain supporter and Labour MP Clive Lewis told us:

"This decision is a hugely positive step for the Labour Party and our movement as a whole. With this announcement we’re now offering real and unambiguous opposition to Tory Brexit and giving the public the final say on the issue.

"To my mind we would never have been forgiven for facilitating Tory Brexit. Especially as the true nature of this project has become increasingly clear to the public these past two years. Namely that it is a hard right, deregulating, race to the bottom economic agenda that has not and will not hesitate to indulge in dog-whistle politics and worse.

"The Labour leadership is clearly stating that if Labour’s alternative Brexit proposal is defeated this week, we will swing fully behind giving the public the final say on whether to leave the EU or stay and rebuild Britain and create a Europe for the many."

Labour MP and Best for Britain supporter Rachael Maskell added:

“Labour voters and members across the country are clear that they didn’t vote for the mess Brexit has got us into.

"Labour must fight to rebuild Britain, and do so by working with European partners across the continent to reject the isolationist, divisive path the Tories have taken our communities on over recent years.”