Tories have some gall to suggest compulsory service after 14 years of failing young people

This evening the Conservative Party confirmed that if they were to win the next election, they would reintroduce compulsory national service.

Under the £2.5billion proposal, 18 year-olds would be given the choice of joining the military full time or volunteering for community service one weekend each month. 

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain and founder of said,

“For 14 years this Government has failed young people, removing their freedom of movement, hiking tuition fees and making homeownership a  distant fantasy. Now they have the gall to impose mandatory national service in a desperate effort to bolster support from those who never had to serve themselves. 

“The Tories have no credibility on defence having slashed the size of our armed forces by more than 40,000 troops. Young and old alike must see through them and vote tactically for change in this election.”

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