Corbyn gave Hastings Brexit speech in £1 million EU funded building

Jeremy Corbyn made a speech in Hastings this morning, as part of a whistle stop tour to lay out his Brexit strategy. Best for Britain found that the venue for speech, St-Mary-in-the-Castle, has received considerable EU funding, including a grant of £1 million in 1996.

But that's not all. We also found via previously released research, that since 2016, Hastings Borough Council has received over £3 million to help fund small business and local entrepreneurs.

Commenting, Best for Britain supporter Jo Stevens MP said: 

“Now that confidence in the Government has been tested, the Labour Party needs to shift its Brexit policy and clearly state the commitment made at Conference in September last year. 

“EU funding has been crucial for growth, development and jobs in the South East, and we cannot afford to lose the positive impact this type of investment has had in communities up and down the UK. 

“There is no version of Brexit that is better for the people we represent than our current membership of the EU. It’s time for us to implement the next stage of Labour Party policy so that to Labour voters and Labour members up and down the country know we believe the public must have a final say on the most crucial political decision of our lifetime.”