DUP: Dramatic U-turn Party

According to The Sun, the Democratic Unionist Party have privately decided to make a dramatic policy u-turn and back the Prime Minister's deal if she can secure a time limit to her backstop. 

Commenting, Best for Britain supporter David Lammy MP said: 

"At a time of national crisis, the Prime Minister is still engaging in fantasy politics. 

"The EU will not accept a time-limited backstop. Michel Barnier could not have been more clear when he described the proposal as "useless" earlier this week.

"By failing to look for a real alternative to her deal, she raises the prospect of economic disaster through no deal.

"Even if we ignore the fundamental impossibility of May's plan B, the deal remains deeply unpopular and unappealing. It still relegates the country to the status of rule-taker, rather than rule-maker. It will still cause irrevocable damage to jobs and the economy. And it will still undermine workers', consumers' and environmental rights."