DUP 'exploit the chaos' comments are reckless and irresponsible

The DUP has called for the Prime Minister to "exploit the chaos in Brussels and Dublin" in a public statement today. Responding, Ian Murray, Labour MP and Best for Britain supporter, said:

“This is utterly reckless and irresponsible language from a DUP MP.

“The chaos of Brexit is not something to exploit; it is something that will decimate jobs, harm our economy and cause hardship for the poorest communities in every part of the UK.

“It is not in Dublin and Brussels that people are being ‘stubborn’ – it is on the Tory and DUP benches in the Commons, who insist on red lines that have left us unable to solve the issue of the Irish border.

“Rather than risk a hard border, the people of the UK should have the opportunity to keep the best deal we currently have and protect the Good Friday Agreement by staying in Europe through a people’s vote.”