Extend EU settlement scheme deadline

Speaking ahead of the deadline for applications to the EU settlement scheme which closes tonight, Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain has appealed for the Government to extend the deadline and improve communication with applicants.

Her comments come amid reports of backlogs at the Home Office, uncertainty over submitted applications and online problems preventing people from submitting their applications in time.

Naomi said:

“On the same day that the Government extends the grace period for sausages, they are shamefully refusing to do the same for our neighbours, friends and family.

“Other countries around Europe have extended deadlines to help British citizens who find themselves in a similar position. The Government should follow suit to end the undue stress this is causing and improve communication with those who have submitted their applications.

Help with EU Settlement Scheme

If you need help, advice or information on applying for settled status or uderstanding the process the links below are good starting points:

  • UK Government guidance and information about the Settlement Scheme can be found here.
  • UK Government provides specific support for certain people to help them apply. Find out if you are eligible for this support here.
  • In Scotland you can find advice from the Scottish Government here.
  • In Wales you can find advice from the Welsh Government here.
  • In Northern Ireland you can find advice from the Northern Ireland Executive here.
  • Citizens Advice may be able to provide free advice and support
  • Settled is a charity that provides free information, advice and support for EU citizens in the UK.
  • The3Million is a campaigning group that works to secure and support the rights of EU citizens in the uk.