Final say tops indicative vote options

Tonight's indicative votes again resulted in no option receiving a majority. And again, the option to give people the final say on Brexit got the most votes.

Best for Britain supporter David Lammy MP said:

"The option of a final say again won the most votes in support. There are now 280 MPs who recognise that going back to the people is the way out of this constitutional crisis.

“The wide range of Brexit options still being discussed shows why we're in this mess. The vote in 2016 was a statement of intent, but gave no indication of what form of Brexit to pursue. The reality is that every Brexit option makes the UK poorer and less influential in the world.

“The public has changed its mind. Before any form of Brexit is given the go-ahead, be it the Prime Minister's deal or another option, it’s crucial the public are given the ability to confirm or reject it through a final say."