Fintech, financial services and trade


Fintech, financial services and trade

This session of the UK Trade and Business Commission took place on 23rd February 2023. 

In this session, the UK Trade and Business Commission met to hear from experts who can outline what the UK Government can do to support the growth of Financial Services and FinTech industries.

The UK is widely recognised for its world leading finance sector. The industries in this sector have been particularly important for UK economic growth for the past thirty years but face new challenges post-Brexit. This session gathered evidence with the aim of gaining an understanding of the challenges, priorities, and future opportunities in finance and financial innovation from a panel of six leading experts.



Panel 1: Financial services

  • William Wright, Founder and Managing Director, New Financial

  • Sarah Hall, Professor of Economic Geography, University of Nottingham

  • Jeremmy Okonjo, Assistant Professor, University of Warwick School of Law

Panel 2: FinTech and financial innovation

  • Harry Weber-Brown, Digital Innovation Director, TISA UK

  • Martina Garcia, CEO, Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

  • Peter Cunnane, Director of International & National Initiatives, Innovate Finance