Liam Fox's indicative vote plan shows a govt in chaos

On Andrew Marr this morning, prominent Brexiteer Liam Fox became the first cabinet minister to be publicly in favour of an indicative vote in the Commons for a Brexit way forward. Responding to the news, Best for Britain champion Tom Brake MP said:

"When even Dr Fox does not rule out free votes and encourages the idea of indicative votes in Parliament, the Brexit project is clearly in jeopardy. 

"All this just shows how the government are in total, complete and utter chaos. To call them rudderless is the understatement of the century.

"I believe he now needs to push his logic to its conclusion and come out in favour of a people's vote as the only way out an almighty mess he helped create."


Notes to editors
 - If you use the quote please mention Tom is a Best for Britain champion