Get Farage Out Of Here! Boycott campaign launched as ITV prepare to platform populist

People are being urged to boycott the upcoming series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! as evidence mounts that Nigel Farage could feature on the reality show this year.

With the series due to begin this Sunday, the populist politician was spotted in Brisbane with numerous reports suggesting ITV may have paid as much as £1.5million for the booking.

Farage, known for his xenophobic politics, inflammatory rhetoric, and divisive role in British society, would enter the jungle just one week after nine police officers were injured in London by a far-right mob. In the past he has been criticised for sharing platforms with homophobic, antisemitic and Islamophobic figures.

In response Best for Britain have launched a new campaign calling on the public to boycott the show in opposition to its platforming of toxic views. 

In the first hours since launching, the campaign has prompted more than 1000 people to send a written complaint to Ant and Dec. 

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain, said: 

“While the thought of Farage mingling with other creepy-crawlies may seem appropriate, anything that normalises or amplifies his toxic views must be opposed.

“After a weekend that saw police injured at the hands of a far-right mob, and after years of his  politics poisoning our society, we want the public to send a clear message to Ant and Dec, ITV and the media at large, that giving a divisive populist like Farage a nightly primetime platform is not good for our country .”

Write to Ant and Dec here.