Hard Brexit to blame for Dover chaos

The Home Secretary has denied that Brexit has had any impact on waiting times at Britain's busiest ferry port despite people waiting more than 16 hours to clear passport control.

Suella Braverman's comments came after more reports of people including children being forced to wait overnight in cars and coaches while waiting to make the crossing to France.

Enormous delays have become a predictable feature at Dover since the UK Government decided to implement a form of Brexit that necessitates increased checks on British people entering the EU.

The need for French officials to more thoroughly check and stamp British passports has greatly increased the processing time per person leading to long tailbacks at the UK's busiest crossing.

The UK government has previously rejected proposals to increase capacity at the port and tackle queues.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,

“This Government delivered a needlessly hard version Brexit, that it also spectacularly failed to plan for. Braverman can deny it all she likes, but the problems at Dover and elsewhere across the economy will persist until we rebuild ties with our closest neighbours in Europe”