Immigration good for UK as Home Office celebrates fall in health workers

New figures published today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a 10% fall in net migration to the UK last year.  

The ONS figures, come a day after the Home Office released provisional figures showing that the number of health and care skilled worker visa applications had fallen by 76% between January and April compared to the same period last year. In response, the Home Secretary James Cleverly asserted that the plan is working. 

It comes after the Home Office enforced strict new rules, which included the banning of foreign carers form bringing their loved ones to the UK.

Health and social care leaders have warned that a sudden lack of staff would destabilise the sector and lead to worse care for the elderly.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain and founder of tactical voting platform said,

“It’s perverse that this Government can celebrate a fall in health and social care workers coming to Britain when we are facing mounting NHS waiting lists and acute shortages in staff.

"We need to change the narrative on immigration which is good for the UK public services, culture and the economy. We need to elect a new government on 4 July.”