Johnson characteristically shameless on Windsor Framework hypocrisy

Boris Johnson has said he will find it "very difficult" to vote for the Windsor Framework despite saying he hopes it will work in the same speech.

In a speech today the former Prime Minister said the deal was "not about the UK taking back control".

It is the first time he has commented since Rishi Sunak unveiled the agreement on Monday which aims to address the fallout from Johnson's own Brexit deal with the EU.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of internationalist campaign group Best for Britain said,

“With characteristic shamelessness and self-pity, Boris Johnson has spoken out of both sides of his mouth live on stage, expressing hope for the Northern Ireland settlement while suggesting he is unlikely to vote for it.

“The time for indulging Johnson’s shapeshifting, selfishness and self-promotion at all costs is long past. MPs should back this framework as the first step in cleaning up his Brexit mess.”