Local elections clearest signal yet that this government's days could be numbered

Campaigners are encouraging people in marginal constituencies to vote tactically at the next general election to deliver an even heavier defeat to Rishi Sunak's Government after their dismal performance in the recent local elections.

The council and mayoral elections in England saw the Conservative Party lose almost 500 councillors and beaten into third place by the Liberal Democrats.

Of the 107 councils up for grabs, Labour are now in control of 57, the Lib Dems in 12 and the Conservatives a mere 6. In total, 1,158 Labour, 522 Lib Dem and 515 Tory councillors were elected. The Green Party secured 181 becoming the largest party on Bristol City Council while ReformUK saw only 2 of their number elected.

Despite desperate late rumours, controversial Conservative candidate for London Mayor, Susan Hall, didn't come close to unseating Labour's Sadiq Khan who won by a margin of 11pts with incumbent Labour Mayors; Andy Burnham in Manchester, Steve Rotherham in Liverpool and Tracey Brabin in West Yorkshire similarly returned with little difficulty.

The only glimmer of light for the Conservatives was the re-election of Tory Teeside Mayor Ben Houchen who clung on with a significantly reduced majority and only following a campaign dedicated to creating as much distance between himself and Rishi Sunak's Government as possible. The same cannot be said for the former-Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street whose similar campaign was not enough to save him from the gravitational drag of the Conservative  unpopularity, losing to his relatively lower-profile Labour challenger Richard Parker by 1,508 votes.

Meanwhile in Blackpool South, a by-election caused by yet another Conservative Party scandal delivered another blow to the Government with Labour easily winning the seat back with another historic swing away from the Tories.

After the devastating results, reports soon emerged that the Prime Minister was shelving plans to hold an early General Election over the summer. 

Cal Roscow, Director of Campaigns at Best for Britain said, 

"Britain deserves better than a Government totally consumed with their own survival and while we may have to wait a bit longer for a general election, these results are the clearest signal yet that this government's days could be numbered.

"Despite the clear public appetite for change, the scale of challenges facing Britain means we need to make sure the Conservatives are nowhere near the levers of power in another five years time. We'll be helping voters get it right at"

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