Looking forward through the chaos….

Today marks a year since the referendum. A lot has happened in the last year, some alright and some not so good…

Today marks a year since the referendum. A lot has happened in the last year, some alright and some not so good…

The pound has fallen, inflation has boomed, Brexit has gone from soft to hard to extreme to utter chaos, we’ve had two Prime Ministers and an election! What a busy year!  

Anyhow, the year since the referendum has not passed unnoticed. People have made it very clear they are not prepared to accept this chaotic, secretive and destructive path Theresa May is taking us down. 

Last night we launched our online form, asking people to get involved locally, in their constituency, to fight an extreme Brexit. We have had an overwhelming amount of responses, which has been amazing. 

I have spent the whole morning reading all the fantastic feedback, insights and local knowledge and wanted to share with you some of the themes emerging. Many of you express concerns for: 

  • the daily running of the country eg. NHS and social care, 
  • young family members’ futures being squandered due to Brexit, 
  • misinformation about the impact of Brexit 
  • and feeling unrepresented by your MP.

People want to get organised and need help. We are hoping to help out with that! If you are still interested in getting involved in your area fill out the form here. Also if you know other people who would be interested in some local campaigning make sure you share this with them!  

We are as committed as ever to having all options on the table to choose from, we must always compare the deal to what we currently have and do what’s best for Britain. 

Thank you again for all of your thoughtful responses, we look forward to working with you. Together we can effect change! 

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