May's Merseyside visit to children's hospital reliant on EU staff

Theresa May visited Alder Hey children's hospital today, as part of a whistle stop tour to sell her 10-year plan for the NHS. 

Thanks to our research, in conjunction with Tech For UK, we can reveal that the hospital, based in Merseyside, is staffed by 114 doctors, nurses and health visitors from the EU. In total, some 13% of doctors at Alder Hey are EU nationals.

Commenting, Alison McGovern MP said:

"As May parades her NHS 10-year plan at Alder Hey hospital, our health service is facing the greatest threat to its existence. World-class children’s hospitals like Alder Hey are held together by the dedication and expertise of EU staff, who we cannot afford to lose due to Brexit. 

"Nobody voted for Brexit to harm the NHS, but we’re now seeing an exodus of EU staff, the drying up of drug supplies, and less funding for an already struggling NHS.

"Our health service is at its most fragile right now, and so we cannot let a harmful Brexit cause more pain than it already has. That's why the public need the final say over Brexit, with the option to compare the benefits of current arrangement with the EU to the miserable deal being offered by this government."