Mean foreign aid cut is a defeat for a truly Global Britain

Today, opposition MPs and a handful of Conservative party rebels failed in their bid to overturn the Government's decision to slash the foreign aid budget from 0.7% of gross national revenue (GNR) to 0.5%.

The decision will mean that billions of pounds will no longer go to help some of the most vulnerable people in the world, including those living with war, famine and the worst impacts of climate change. It breaks Britain's international commitments as well as the promises made by the Conservative Party in their manifesto at the last election.

Despite condemnation from all living former prime ministers, countless chartitable groups and a sizeable number of their own backbenchers, the Government announced a surprise vote on their motion.

Unfortunatley the bankbench rebellion was not large enough to defeat the government whose motion passed with 333 votes to 298.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,

“Not for the first time this government has broken international commitments, dropped manifesto promises and trashed ‘Global Britain’ all in one go.

"This mean act against some of the most vulnerable in the world will make Britain less secure in the long term and its reversal must be immediate, not subject to fiscal hurdles this government has no intention of jumping."

Notes to Editors

About Best for Britain: Best for Britain is a pro-internationalist campaign group that strives for the best social, economic, environmental, and democratic outcomes for the British people. We believe this requires re-engagement with Europe, open, internationalist policies, and cooperation with business, all parties in parliament, and like-minded groups.