Brexit vote can be reversed says top official today

The Brexit vote could be reversed "in theory" a European Commissioner said today.  In response to the news, Best for Britain champion Tom Brake MP said:

"With the momentum behind a final say on the deal and a people’s vote growing daily, Moscovici’s confirmation that Brexit could be reversed is a great boost to the cause. 

"Brexit is not a done deal, and with strong evidence pointing towards a shift in the will of the people, the people are entitled to have their say and a chance to exit from Brexit."


Notes to Editors
 -  If you use the quote please mention Tom is a Best for Britain champion.

Asked whether the Brexit vote could be reversed, Moscovici told France Inter radio: "It is, in theory it is up to the British themselves who have made the decision to leave, to decide ultimately if they will or not, and how they will do it."