MPs must work together to reject "illiberal" voter ID plans

Responding to the publication of the Elections Bill including plans to introduce voter ID, Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,

“This is a shameful attempt to disenfranchise voters that has been rightly condemned by MPs from across the political spectrum. Like-minded MPs must now work together to stop this illiberal bill in its tracks.

“The government must also explain what evidence it has to justify these plans, given that the Electoral Commission has found in person voter fraud to be vanishingly rare.

“Ministers can hardly lecture authoritarian regimes abroad when they are undermining our democratic rights at home.”



About Best for Britain: Best for Britain is a pro-internationalist campaign group that strives for the best social, economic, environmental, and democratic outcomes for the British people. We believe this requires re-engagement with Europe, open, internationalist policies, and cooperation with business, all parties in parliament, and like-minded groups.