Enormous poll shows strong majority want change at the next election

A major new poll suggests that time could soon be up for the Government, with a majority of Brits in favour of a change at the next election.  


The enormous new poll of almost 25,000 people carried out by Focaldata on behalf of Best for Britain, the organisation behind powerful tactical vote site, found that a staggering 63% of people think it’s time for a change of government, while less than a quarter (24%) think the current government should remain in place. 

A change of government was the most popular option across all demographics assessed, including age, gender, ethnicity, religion and income level. This includes those groups traditionally more supportive of the Tories, such as over 65s and those in the top income bracket. 

Polling also shows that a fifth (19%) of those who say they still intend to vote Conservative in their area want a change of government. 

The findings come as Sunak faces near open rebellion from within his own party over his leadership. At the start of the year,  Best for Britain’s constituency-level polling showed that Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer is the most popular choice for Prime Minister in 390 seats, including Sunak’s own North Yorkshire constituency of Richmond. Sunak was only the most popular candidate in four out of 632 seats in Britain. 

Further analysis of this new poll shows that of those who say they ‘don’t know’ how they will vote, 56% think it’s time for a change of government indicating that potentially 2 million voters who want change remain unsure how best to vote to achieve it. Websites like, which provide information on who is best placed to beat Conservative candidates, could be instrumental at the next election.

Naomi Smith, founder of tactical voting website, said: 

“It is now painfully obvious that after 14 years of failure, chaos and scandal, that time could soon be up for this government, but this polling shows that millions who want change still don’t know how they should vote to get it.

“That is why we will ensure that people have the information they need to make their vote count and finally rid us of this hopeless Government.”

Broadcaster and author, Carol Vorderman said:

“Time and again, members of this government have demonstrated they are more interested in themselves than the country. We are desperate to get rid of them while they cling on with their fraying fingernails to power.

“Without Proportional Representation, tactical voting has already gone mainstream.  The longer Sunak leaves it until the Election, the more Tories will lose their seats.”


The full polling including data tables is available here

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