EU announces it is implementing its no-deal Brexit action plan

The European commission has announced that it has started to implement its no-deal Brexit action plan. Responding to the news, Best for Britain champion Layla Moran MP said:

"The no deal Brexit scam has now meant the EU is retaliating. What is really concerning is what is being treated as a tactical wheeze in Westminster to twist the arm of MPs is now having real world implications.

"What is really scary is that the UK won’t have a say in the measures proposed by the EU that could be introduced to minimise the disruption caused by a no-deal Brexit.

"All this shows - is managed no deal, being pushed by the political wing of the flat earth society, is just hokum. The people who will pay the price will be the average family who want to go on holiday or the small business wrapped up in red tape. No-one, no matter if you voted leave or remain voted for this."


Notes to editors
 - The press statement from the European commission can be found here:

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