One year since invasion, Best for Britain stands with Ukraine

A year ago today, Vladimir Putin’s regime invaded Ukraine, triggering the largest-scale conflict seen on the European continent since the Second World War.

The invasion has seen thousands of Ukrainians lose their lives, both civilians and on the frontlines, and driven millions more from their homes, including hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have come to the UK. 

Despite being outnumbered by Putin’s forces, Ukraine has held on and inflicted major damage on the invading Russian forces. 

Best for Britain reaffirms its deepest solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they mark a year since the invasion.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of internationalist campaign group Best for Britain said,

“One year on from Vladimir Putin's senseless and barbaric invasion of Ukraine, I continue to be inspired by the indomitable resilience shown by the Ukrainian people and the way nations across the world have united in solidarity with Ukraine and welcomed its people with open arms.

“Today, we join the world in saying, ‘Slava Ukraini’”.