Most Leave voters say Brexit has been a failure

New polling released this week by YouGov has revealed that Leave voters believe Brexit has been a more of a failure than a success by a margin of nearly two-to-one.

37% of respondents who voted Leave reported that Brexit has been a failure, while just 20% believe it has been a success. 35% of Leave voters say it has been neither a success nor a failure.

The ‘Bregret’ felt by Leave voters is even steeper among the general public. 62% of all voters polled said Brexit has been more failure than success, while just 9% say the opposite. When asked if the decision to leave the EU was right or wrong, 56% of all voters said it was the wrong decision, compared to 31% who said it was right.

The polling follows months of economic turmoil that have plagued the UK as it faces the highest inflation rates in the G7 in the wake of its departure from the EU. Last week, four major car manufacturers warned that the Government’s current Brexit deal could lead to the closure of British auto factories and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Best for Britain Chief Executive Naomi Smith said:

“Polling consistently shows that Britain has a severe case of voter's remorse from a Brexit that increased costs for businesses and consumers alike, removed freedoms and opportunities, and delivered none of its promised benefits.

“Hundreds of businesses have told us that Brexit, in its current form, isn’t working and we will continue to feel the economic pain until policymakers acknowledge this clear consensus.”