PM concedes Article 50 extension

The Prime Minister made a statement today in Parliament, in which she promised a vote on her Brexit deal by 12 March and the opportunity for Parliament to extend Article 50.

Best for Britain supporter and Labour MP Jo Stevens said:

"This is a mammoth climbdown from the government.

"The Prime Minister has been forced into this position by MPs across the House who won't let a no deal disaster become the Prime Minister’s blackmailing weapon.

"Parliament must continue to push the Prime Minister to take no deal off the table permanently and give the public a vote on Brexit. That's the only way to have the certainty that prevents us sleepwalking into a catastrophe."

Also commenting, Best for Britain CEO Eloise Todd said:

"It's clear that the government's strategy has been to delay a vote on the Prime Minister's deal until the last minute to run down the clock and blackmail MPs. This cannot go on.

"Brexit poses an existential threat to the UK. That's why we must all do our utmost to support efforts to prevent a no deal catastrophe and give the public the final say."