Pulling Brexit vote is 'unprecedented and historic humiliation for Theresa May'

Responding to the news that a source has told the Press Association that Theresa May has decided to call off the Commons vote on her Brexit deal scheduled for tomorrow, Best for Britain champion David Lammy MP said:

"This is an unprecedented and historic humiliation for Theresa May. After two years of negotiations with the EU, she is not even prepared to let MPs vote on her deal.

"This is recognition of what has been clear for months: there is no majority for her miserable Brexit deal in Parliament. 

"The deeper truth is that it's unlikely any form of Brexit could command a majority in this House. Softer forms of Brexit would mean hundreds of our our laws would be decided by 27 other countries, while harder forms of Brexit would be rejected because they lead to economic chaos. 

"It is impossible to deliver on the 2016 referendum result because it was based on false promises and fantasy. No negotiations in Brussels will change this fact. 

"Our politics is now well and truly stuck. The way to unblock it is to go back to the public with a people's vote, which will either offer a mandate for a specific form of Brexit, or to remain in the EU."


Notes to editors
 - If you use the quote please mention David is a Best for Britain champion