Relaunch event sets out clear mission for Best for Britain

Best for Britain today relaunched as a permanent organisation pushing for closer ties with Europe and the world, at an event which brought together leading internationalist voices from across the political divide.

In her opening speech, Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain sent out a clear message: a strong and independent voice for internationalism is needed, and Best for Britain will provide it. 

Best for Britain today announced its commitment to 

  • Making the UK a world-leading, not world-beating, force for global good 
  • Freeing international trade and strengthening ties with Europe
  • Working with experts and scientists, regardless of their nationality, to solve the planet's greatest challenges
  • A truly global UK, which promotes the rules-based international system and drives up standards worldwide.

Best for Britain began in 2017, as a reactive campaign, responding to the political which emerged in the wake of the 2016 referendum. Now the UK has left the EU and the transition period, Best for Britain is renewing itself as a permanent, pro-internationalist organisation, committed to justice and prosperity at home and abroad.

Watch a recording of the relaunch event here.

Speakers included Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith; Sir David Lidington; Labour MP Emily Thornberry; Green MP Caroline Lucas; and former UK Ambassador to the United States Peter Westmacott. 

The event also saw the release of “A Truly Global UK”, a landmark report offering practical steps the UK must take to reestablish its place as a respected parter on the world stage, in regards to foreign policy, trade and climate change.

Best for Britain’s new Internationalism Index was also revealed at the relaunch, with major new polling showing that the majority of Britons hold internationalist views in areas such as pandemic response and tackling threats from Russia and China.

Read the Truly Global UK report in full

Chief Executive of Best for Britain Naomi Smith said:

"We have transitioned from being a temporary campaign against Brexit, to being a permanent organisation for internationalist values and working with the world. 

We must never again accept or allow a decline in trust of multilateral dialogue, and international solutions. Yes, Brexit was in part driven by xenophobia, nativism, and a boosterish sense of British exceptionalism, but our brand new data that I’ll talk about later, shows a much more positive outlook. Our lesson is not to shut up shop, but never to allow internationalists to repeat that error of complacency again. 

Internationalism isn’t an abstract philosophical theory, it’s a practical approach that can help improve the world we live in, our lives and the lives of future generations in tangible and profound ways - peace, security, research, climate solutions, cures, vaccines, trade and more. We won’t again let such important values become the subject of cynicism. 

We have a lot to work with. And Best for Britain and those who share our worldview, must never allow society to flirt with isolationist impulses again. If the pandemic reaffirmed anything, it’s that we are not better off alone."