Rose Book

About the Rose Book Series

How Britain engages with the world impacts almost every aspect of our lives from the food on supermarket shelves to your ability to get an appointment with your GP. Over the last few years we’ve seen how nativism and breaking ties with our neighbours can have disastrous consequences and if we don’t change course, things could get even worse.

Britain needs an internationalist government, one which understands the opportunities of working with like-minded nations and the risks of doing the opposite. As Britain’s leading internationalist campaign group, we at Best for Britain are asking key voices from within the largest opposition party how they think Britain can best re-engage with the world. 

Drawing on their expertise and experience we’re asking them to set out what they think a new government could do differently. 

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll post what they have to say right here, on everything from defence to devolution, from the economy to education and in the process help define a new internationalism for the UK.