Rwanda vote: Sunak’s authority is toast no matter the outcome

The Prime Minister is facing calls for a general election as he struggles to unite his party over his discredited Rwanda Plan.

Rishi Sunak is attempting to prevent a revolt from his own MPs that could see him be the first Prime Minister in almost four decades to lose the first vote on a Bill.

The bill would force courts to rule that Rwanda is safe for refugees regardless of any facts or evidence to the contrary. 

So far the Government has spent £240million on the Rwanda plan which, even if it worked, would see a maximum of 200 refugees deported to the country without having their case heard and with no prospect of returning to the UK should their claims be approved.

Hours before the vote, an asylum seeker held on board the much criticised Bibby Stockholm barge took their own life.

Despite his refusal to designate the matter a formal confidence vote, the loss of which would result in an immediate general election, some have argued that defeat for the Prime Minister would so seriously undermine his authority that the vote is de facto one of confidence in the government.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said, 

“Whether or not this unworkable and unconscionable plan scrapes through its first vote, the outcome will be the same; Sunak’s authority and credibility is toast and while his party self-immolates, NHS waiting lists, crumbling schools and the UK’s economic malaise will continue to go unaddressed.

“We cannot afford this psychodrama to continue into the new year. We need a general election now.”

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